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Made2Manage Training

Since 1990, our qualified and experienced experts have provided clients with world-class training and education in all functional areas of the system.

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Made2Manage Consulting

From creating custom reports to simplifying business processes, DKM has a stellar reputation for delivering world-class software consulting services.

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Made2Manage Systems

From creating custom reports to simplifying business processes, DKM has a stellar reputation for delivering world-class software consulting services.

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Made2Manage Support

Our experts are ready to answer your questions and our no-commitment "pay-as-you-go" model makes support with DKM easier than ever.

Made2Manage Training

Process Improvement

Do you have modules that are under-utilized or that were not fully implemented? We can rework the system to improve specific functional areas of ERP whether it’s inventory management, procurement or shop floor control. DKM will help you get more out of.

Our consultants will analyze your current procedures, recommend value-added improvements and help your organization realize all the long-term benefits of using ERP.


Does your team need to be retrained on?
Generic or online training can be adequate, but sometimes you need a more personal, hands-on approach.
DKM offers:

  • 2 day onsite training update for your ERP 'champions'
  • One-on-one training on specific modules
  • Remote training with state of the art web conferencing
  • Training on creating and modifying forms and reports

ERP Reimplementation

Has your implementation become watered down? Perhaps you made an acquisition or had a big increase in sales that delayed things? Have some of your users begun to doubt what ERP can do for your company?

We can get your ERP implementation back on track. Our consultants know manufacturing and ERP. Leverage our numerous years of experience for your next ERP initiative.

Implementation Restarts

So it's been a couple of years and you're still debating Make to Order vs. Make to Stock. Or maybe you're just not seeing that the results are worth the effort. Let us help you: we specialize in working with users who are disillusioned with their current system.

As an independent resource, DKM can guide you back on track and give you honest answers about your implementation.

Integration Services

DKM has extensive experience in integrating other products with ERP. Whether it is an online store, CRM system or fixed asset program, we can help.

Made2Manage Consulting

Custom Processes

Most users have something they struggle with in, sometimes it is just a misunderstanding of the system. But other times, the standard ERP processes fail because they are difficult, error prone, and/or time consuming. By streamlining these processes, we can deliver a more effective system, making all the parts work effectively together.

  • Reduce Frustrations
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce User Demand (User Licenses)

Report Writing

DKM has a team of programming resources who are proficient with standard report writers. Whether you need a change to an existing report or would like to create a brand new template, our experts can help.

  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • VFP
  • Access
  • .Net
  • Excel

3rd Party Software Integration

Thinking about purchasing a PLM system for Product Lifecycle Management, or a better Field Service Module? DKM can help you define your needs, assist in the selection, and manage the integration of these systems to seamlessly work with your software.

Our resources have the project management skills to keep things focused, define requirements and create the integration points with.

Made2Manage Systems

ERP Upgrades

Whether you are upgrading from Visual Fox Pro to SQL, or from a early release to 7.02, DKM can provide an upgrade path that will be completed correctly, and come Go Live, you will be operating smoothly. Our upgrade package includes a test upsize, report fixes, customization upgrades, final upgrade and a project plan to ensure all critical steps are completed correctly. If you send us a sample PC, we can actually perform much of the upgrade and testing off-site. When you are ready to go live, we come on a weekend, and get it done in one swoop!

Sytem Audits

Is your ERP system becoming slow? Our team will diagnose your infrastructure, databaser, and overall health of your environment. A review of the ERP applications and its setup will be diagnosed. Recommendations of hardware, networking, database and ERP will be presented.

SQL Audits

Is your backup working? You'd be surprised how many customers are not sure. We will review your SQL Server setup, review your backup procedures, recommend improvements, and provide training on basic SQL Server maintenance routines.

System Upgrades

We work with your local IT staff or provider to manage your upgrade projects. We know ERP and how vital it is to your operations. We will coordinate the work, procurement of hardware and delivery, validate compatibilities with ERP, and keep you informed.

Migration Services

In the current business environment, businesses are consolidating their IT Infrastructures, whether through corporate consolidation or growth. Whether you are consolidating ERP companies into one, purchasing new companies which need to be incorporated into your system, or you are moving onto a completely new ERP system, DKM will put together a plan which can effectively protect your investment.

Other Services

Other types of DKM Technical Services include:

  • Report Customization and Creation
  • Optional Modules rollouts
  • Server Moves
  • Database Server upgrades

Made2Manage Support

1. Should you end your current support contract?

There are companies running older versions of the software that operate without many issues and manage with no more than one or two support calls a year. Price-sensitive customers consider DKM to be a cost-effective alternative if their current support contract is better suited to a higher volume of incidents.

2. What are the risks of ending your support contract with Aptean?

The top three reasons most companies require technical support are:

  1. Finding answers to Made2Manage questions.
  2. Upgrading their Made2Manage software.
  3. Obtaining Made2Manage help in a disaster.

DKM has established a trusted and talented team of experienced Made2Manage consultants. The best in the business, our consultants are able and happy to answer all your Made2Manage questions.

DKM specializes in ERP software upgrades. Our Made2Manage consulting team has helped many companies upgrade to the latest version of the Made2Manage software, namely, Made2Manage 7.5.

DKM provides customers with disaster recovery and business continuity planning services. We work closely with customers - even those with older versions of the Made2Manage software - to ensure their business is fully prepared to recover from a disaster.

3. How do you make the switch to DKM?

Most Made2Manage support clients choose a monthly retainer model thereby achieving significantly lower costs and the added convenience of credit card payments. Our Made2Manage support plans are pay-as-you-go and don't require annual commitments.

Clients submit their Made2Manage support requests via our ticketing system which our Made2Manage consultants use to update the status of all support requests as they are resolved.

4. Can I get back on Aptean support in the Future?

Returning to Aptean support is always a possibility when your company pays Aptean its maintenance fees for the years that support has lapsed. If your company decided to forego support and then decided to resume support two years later, you would have to pay Aptean their dues for the missed years in addition to your regular retainer payment. If your annual maintenance budget was $20,000, Aptean would require you to pay $20,000 for each of the two missed years plus a year's annual retainer fees in advance.

5. How do I go about leaving Aptean support?

Don't renew your contract. As a Made2Manage software licensee, you have indefinite access to your Made2Manage system. Prior to ending your contract, obtain and safeguard the installation media with the latest software. DKM can help you install or upgrade your Made2Manage system irrespective of your contractual status with Aptean support.

6. How do I extend the life of my outdated version?

You can extend the life of your outdated Made2Manage system. There are companies still running on VFP version 3.2. That said, you should develop a Business Continuity Plan. DKM will create the plan around your current Made2Manage software versions (VFP, SQL, OS). Our Made2Manage experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of your system, determine the current state of your Made2Manage software, and develop the recommended maintenance policies and procedures.

7. Is it possible that DKM Support is as good as Aptean Support?

World-class companies typically seek value. If you're looking at DKM for your support needs, the odds are that your company is seeking value. DKM provides various support options including email, fax, and phone. We immediately route support requests via a ticketing system to one of our experts, thereby greatly reducing turnaround times. Since DKM's support plans are "pay-as-you-go", we are often able to address issues within the one-hour minimum.