NetSuite vs QuickBooks

July 13, 2016 - Postdetails

Fast-Growing Companies Are Leaving QuickBooks

Many companies start their businesses with Quickbooks. The popularity of QB comes from it’s ease to setup and use, and the ease and low cost to maintain it. If fortunate, many companies will outgrow Quickbooks (QB). In looking at moving from Quickbooks, many want to know what the main differences are , say with a leading cloud ERP solution like NetSuite. Here are a few:

World Class Integrated CRM
Includes Integrated Ecommerce
Includes Advanced Inventory Management
Advanced Manufacturing: Work Orders, Routings and BOMs
Integrated Project Management
Integrated Workflow Management
Manages Multiple Global Subsidiaries and Rollups
Offers Manufacturing and Project Costing
Procurement Management with Approval Workflows
Allows Requisitions (Unapproved Purchase Orders)
Limited CRM
Ecommerce Extra $$
Limited Multi-Site Inventory
No Advanced Manufacturing
Project Management Extra $$
No Workflow Automation
No Multi-Subsidiary Rollup
No Manufacturing or Project Costing
No Procurement Workflows
No Requistions

While many QB users want some advanced features, many companies also don’t want to start a large IT staff. The benefit of going to the cloud is that the database, infrastructure, and many reports are taken care of. So by going to a cloud solution like NetSuite. Quickbooks users can ‘have their cake and eat it too.


Jeff Dixon

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