NetSuite vs Sage

July 27, 2016 - Postdetails

Fast-Growing Companies Are Leaving Sage

Sage has been a ‘player’ in the midmarket Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market for many years. NetSuite has been a disruptive entry into the market in the early part of this century, as it combined a cloud solution and it combined ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ecommerce. Here are some highlighted differences:

NetSuite is fully integrated ERP, CRM, accounting and mfg.
NetSuite is100% cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere.
NetSuite is a complete business suite.
NetSuite is scalable to any amount of users.
NetSuite offers flexible and powerful financial management.
NetSuite can be easily customized, allowing end users to quickly alter fields, layouts, logic, and workflow.
NetSuite has built-in integrations with other applications.
NetSuite eliminates IT hassles and upgrades in the cloud.
Includes Manufacturing and Project Costing.
Includes Procurement Management with Approval Workflows.
Allows Requisitions (Unapproved Purchase Orders).
Sage 200 is essentially a marketing bundle — CRM, manufacturing, and construction are all bolt-ons with limited integration.NetSuite is 100% cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere.
Sage 200 remains a client-sewer application and the mobile applications only provide read-only access to data.
Sage 200 does not have integrated eCommerce, human capital management, service resource planning, or shipping and fulfillment capabilities.
Sage 200 maxes out at 50 users and the company does not have a cost-effective migration plan to a more powerful. business suite.
Unlike NetSuite, Sage 200 does not provide flexible accounting periods, price books, discounting, and revenue recognition.
Sage 200 requires skilled partners to implement any type of customization.
Sage 200 does not provide a standards-based, open architecture for connectivity to partners and other business software apps.
Sage 200 is not a web-based, on-demand service that eliminates the cost of managing, maintaining, and upgrading business applications.
No Manufacturing or Project Costing.
No Procurement Workflows
No Requistions

Sage200 is an accounting package on steroids. NetSuite is an integrated, world class ERP solution that combines accounting, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, CRM and eCommerce. To make things even easier, all you need to run NetSuite is an internet browser.


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