NetSuite vs Salesforce

July 27, 2016 - Postdetails

NetSuite vs Salesforce

Thousands of companies have implemented, as it provides a very wide and functional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Sometimes people look at a combination of SFDC with an accounting system to do the backend work that something like Quickbooks would perform. A leading solution that pairs with SFDC is Financial Force (FF). An alternative to this two vendor solution is NetSuite, which combines ERP and CRM into one cloud solution. We have created a scorecard to point out some differences:

NetSuite is integrated ERP and CRM.
NetSuite is installed in over 400 public companies.
NetSuite is a full business suite.
NetSuite has hundreds of partners to implement.
NetSuite supports cos. that have a variety of pricing schemes.
NetSuite has hundreds of partners to implement.
NetSuite has its own Customer Relationship Mgt (CRM).
NetSuite has built-in financial reports (over 200).
NetSuite has thousands of global companies.
Can do Manufacturing and Project Costing.
Procurement Management with Approval Workflows.
Allows Requisitions (Unapproved Purchase Orders).
Salesforce (SFD) and Financial Force (for accounting) are two separate companies. Customers need two subscription agreements and two support contracts.
Financial Force has not reported more than 10 public companies using its service.
SFDC and Financial Force do not have integrated eCommerce, advanced manufacturing, or advanced shipping and fulfillment capabilities.Financial Force has less than ten partners that implement their product.
Sage 200 maxes out at 50 users and the company does not have a cost-effective migration plan to a more powerful. business suite.
Unlike NetSuite, Financial Force (FF) has a limited number of price books and item/customer discounting methods
Unlike NetSuite, Financial Force (FF) has a limited number of price books and item/customer discounting methods.
ALL FF customers are SFDC customers. FF has never sold a standalone solution where SFDC was not already in place. If the customer switches away from SFDC, FF would be crippled.
FF has a limited number of built-in reports (less than 30). You can ‘roll your own.’
FF is mainly installed in the United States.
No Manufacturing or Project Costing.
No Procurement Workflows
No Requistions

NetSuite was built as a solution that combines ERP, CRM and Ecommerce. was designed as a best of breed CRM Solution. Adding an integrated accounting solution like Financial Force can be convenient, but adding a world class ERP solution with CRM may be a better way to go.


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