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DKM's ERP support plans are made to manage data exchanges between CAD software and extensive software customizations, Call (213) 452-8230 today to experience the DKM difference.

Designed to streamline exchanges between your engineering and ERP systems, Made2Manage features an innovative CADLink interface that simplifies product development. Design engineers can create and access ERP data directly from most popular CAD applications, quickly find and access what they need, and stay up-to-date and synchronized, saving time and eliminated the headaches caused by disparate systems.

Let's take a closer look. To improve efficiency and streamline the product development process, CADLink puts inventory and production data within easy reach. Because CADLink is automatically added to the toolbar of CAD applications such as Solid Works and Autodesk, the flexible interface can be launched with the simple click of a button, allowing engineers to create or update standard sales, quote, or jobs bills of materials within Made2Manage.

Once launched, CADLink automatically analyzes the CAD model's bills of materials and compares it to the bills of materials in Made2Manage. The highly visible color-coding allows engineers to focus their attention on new items and ensure all information is corrected. If there are any items missing from newly designed parts, subassemblies, and finished goods, CADLink will immediately identify them and help users add them by creating new item master records. Engineers can then take advantage of the prefigured templates to rapidly populate new item masters without wasting time on duplicate data entry. To ensure accuracy, data is pulled directly from Made2Manage including product classes, units of measure, and more.

Engineers can also use CADLink to quickly search the Made2Manage database for existing parts. CADLink even provides the ability to add raw materials part numbers and quantities. To facilitate purchasing, engineers can add vendor part numbers and information directly from the CAD environment. This easy to use application makes it simple to review all of the items and bills of materials changes and export them to spreadsheet or PDF reports to be used as an engineering change order document.

With one click, engineers are able to synchronize the bill of materials of information between CAD application and Made2Manage ensuring the information display in drawings always matches the ERP system data. In Made2Manage you can see that the new item master contains all relevant information with the current and comprehensive bill of materials. As the design changes, the CADLink application ensures quantities are automatically updated in Made2Manage and vice versa.

Built to streamline the product development process, CADLink's integrated interface provides engineers with all the functionality they need to automate new part creation and bill of material updates, ensuring that both your ERP database and your CAD models are synchronized and up to date.

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