ERP implementations are not for the faint of heart. That said. any complex NetSuite implementation can be tackled successfully if the following happens:

  1. Upper management actively supports the NetSuite implementation
  2. The project team is given enough resources to become successful (internally and externally)
  3. The consulting team understands the clients industry so as to adhere to best practices
  4. A project implementation approach is agreed upon and followed

DKM follows an Applied Implementation Methodology (AIM) developed over 25 years and based on a structured, repeatable method to implement NetSuite right the first time. We create a plan and track the plan against your budget and objectives.

NetSuite Applied Implementation Methodology (AIM)

DKM's philosophy is to work closely with our NetSuite clients as members of the project team and to show continuous progress through a deliverable based implementation methodology which is focused on the client's goals and objectives. Our NetSuite Consultants specialize in implementing NetSuite using the proven five stage AIM methodology. In the diagram above. these stages are represented in the general sequence in which they occur. However, during the implementation. there are overlapping activities between stages.

5 Stages of Applied Implementation Methodology

NetSuite Applied Implementation Methodology Stages

Stage 1: Project Planning and Organization

This is the stage where the project is organized and the process of implementing NetSuite is initiated. The objective for this stage is to create the organizational framework within which the project wilt be managed, including:

  1. Identifying of the Project Team and Steering Committee.
  2. Defining of project goals and objectives.
  3. Defining of NetSuite implementation strategy.
  4. Creating of the project Macro Plan.

Stage 2: Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

This stage involves applying NetSultes capabilities to the clients business processes. The CRP begins with Education and Workshops, wherein the NetSuite consultant and the Project Team begin to collect and process data through NetSuite in a simulation of the company's business practices. The objectives of this stage are:

  1. Simulating the clients business processes using NetSuite to accurately determine the actions for successful implementation.
  2. Creating the Business Requirements Document which details the required procedures. screens, reports. interfaces and enhancements.
  3. Incorporating the actions into the project work plan.

Stage 3: Business Pilot

In this stage, the project team exercises the system. procedures, data, interfaces, etc.. thoroughly enough to validate that all processes perform to expectations. The objectives of this stage are:

  1. Expanding the CRP to train and include pilot end users.
  2. Testing all interfaces and procedures.
  3. Expanding the database to include all static data required to go live

Stage 4: System Start-Up (Live)

This is the stage in which the client switches over from current systems to NetSuite. The NetSuite consultant minimizes glitches and maximizes the effectiveness and accuracy of NetSuite. The objectives of this stage are:

  1. Preparing and converting data.
  2. Finalizing client hardware installation.
  3. Preparing system interfaces.
  4. Finalizing user training.

Stage 5: Post Implementation Review

This stage involves a formal review of the client's performance using NetSuite and measures overall performance against the projects goats and objectives. The objective of this stage is to offer effective feedback and recommend actions to improve system and business performance. All this is part of a continuous improvement and refinement process which should become a part of daily business operations. Ongoing user training and support is key to the acceptance of new systems and methods.

NetSuite Reimplementation

Has your NetSuite implementation become watered down? Perhaps you made an acquisition, or perhaps you had a big increase in revenues that temporarily sidetracked matters? Have some of your users become doubtful of NetSuite's capabilities. Our NetSuite consultants know a myriad of industries and can put all or part of your NetSuite implementation back on track

Call (213) 688-1010 before you make your decision and discover the AIM approach to NetSuite reimplementation.