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  1. Business Intelligence
    NetSuite delivers’ real time view of the hold business form CEO to line of business managers to the most operational functions through the front office and back office additionally NetSuite One world  provides transparency   for global company across subsidiaries, business units ,and legal entities. 
  2. Visibility
    Nelson Holdings an international company with subsidiaries across North America, EMEA, and A pack uses NetSuite one world to manage their global business to enable better faster decisions world wide NetuSite interactive personalize dash boards provide all stakeholders with their own roll base views of real time data including top level summary’s information sales metrics, globe views of service information, key mergers around marketing, and more.

    For example NetSuite gives the CFO of Nelson Holdings a wide perspective on business performance with clear visibility and to key performance indicter’s trench charts and dynamic control that engage key metrics against their targets. Powerful drill down capabilities make it easy to uncover the wealth of detail be hide finical metrics, here the CFO could view actuals from ERP together for cast and quotas from the CRM in a single unified view. NetSuite real time currency conversion across all subsidiaries allows the CFO to seamlessly change performances perspectives to a different subsidiary and drill down to see up to the minute data right down to the underline invoice for complete finical transparency all completely in real time. 
  3. Drill-down Capabilities
    A single click it’s all take to quickly access the general ledger impact of any transaction. Directly from the invoice Netsuite makes it simple to jump to the customer record which displays all that customer information in a single 360 degree view from marketing, sales, finance, service, and more in one convenience location.   
  4. Personalized Dashboards
    With NetSuite user can configure their daily dash boards in the way is makes the most sense to them such as added KPI’s an easily arranging other displays. 
  5. Report
    Additionally each user can enjoy real time, secured, roll base access, to a rich repository   of shared reports.
  6. Summary of Benefits
    NetSuite delivers real time visibility across multiple rolls. From the highest levels to the most granular detail along with powerful analytics and a complete view of all your customers. To learn more about NetSuite please contact us today.