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  1. Procure to Pay
    NetSuite streamlines the entire procure to pay process, with employee self-service, approval, management, matching, receiving, payments, and reporting’s. Ensuring a seamless linkage across employee, procurement and finance processes.  Let’s see how Ramsey products use’s NetSuite to manage the end to end procurement process.  
  2. PO Entry
    NetSuite web base self service makes easy for Ramsey’s employees to manage expenses time tracking purchase requisitions and more and just a few clicks employees can create purchase orders.
  3. Approval
    NetSuite insurance that purchase orders are in complaint with corporate policy’s and are sent to the real time right to manager for approval. Mangers can review the detail PO approve or rejected and NetSuite will rap the PO appropriately based on the work flow.
  4. Item Receipt
    On receipt on the bill NetSuite makes it easy to locate and manage purchase order that was previously created, approved, and received.
  5. Matching
    When orders are received without a PA belt, NetSuite minimizes the risk of error by automatically populating the bill screen with data from centralize customer records that could be matched against for accuracy. 
  6. AP Bill Approval
    Once the AP billing information was been added NetSuite powerful work flow engine makes it easy to set up a approvable requirements that eliminates unnecessary spending while enforcing company policy’s and then raps bills to the appropriate approvals.
  7. AP Bill Aging
    Approve bills are automatically posted to the AP sub ledgers and general ledger where finance managers can efficiently drill in to reliable aging details provided by Netsuits complete purchasing audit trail.
  8. Bill Payments
    To help reduce cost and maintain strong venders’ relationships NetSuite lets manager set up alerts that insurance bills by their due dates and within discount allowances. NetSuite provides a clear perspective on spending from the purchase order all the way through to vender record where contact information, schedule activities, message history, and all associated transaction with the vender are available in one convenient location.
  9. Summary of Benefits
    NetSuite Integrates employee, procurement and finance processes and provide complete transparency and control over the entire purchasing process. From PO entry and approval through to receiving to accounts payable. NetSuite ensures a stream line and more effective process while ensuring checks and balances and visibility throughout the process. NetSuite enables you to simplify your process and improve efficiency while saving time and effort. To learn more about NetSuite please contact us today.