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  1. Build to Fulfill
    NetSuite delivers the complete set of capabilities to: support a complete global manufacturing business, seamlessly linking together the front office back office production. In this demonstration you'll learn how by leveraging NetSuite manufacturing capabilities Ramey's products saves time and reduces costs throughout its global supply chin as it both sources and builds products for its customers.
  2. Order Process
    Designed with manufacturing industry best practices NetSuite roll based customizer dashboard keeps managers throughout Ramsey's products work flow focus on the actives and KPI's they need for a seamless process from orders to productions to fulfillment and shipping. A sale rep can quickly dynamic sales orders that show current status and automatically calculates shipping cost and advance fulfillment. From the integrated sales order NetSuite makes it easy to generate a work order that links straight through production.
  3. Production Manager Dashboard
    The production manager dashboard provides outer glance awareness of work orders that required attention as well as clear insight into specific business trends that need to be address.
  4. Multi-level BOMs
    With NetSuite multi-level built of material's functionally it's easy to manage all the components needed for a single assembly as well the components required for a particular work order.
  5. Work Orders
    Work orders are updated in real time with information throughout the system including inventory availability, commitments, backorders, and quantity. A single click prints a work order with a list of all project martial's and assembly stages.
  6. Build
    As work orders are built NetSuite allows users to keep track of cost and resources in real time whether a stander cost or a lender cost and then analysis them by month, category, and item.
  7. Fulfill to Ship
    Once an item is built the shipping receivable is automatically alert that orders is fulfill, packed, and shipped. NetSuite integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS allows orders information to be transmitted directly to shippers and the rate, tracking number, and address verification instantly received. One click completes the process by quickly printing a shipping label.
  8. Summary of Benefits
    NetSuite Unites manufacturing production planning, inventory management, production and shipping. To insure improved profitability and save you company countless hours of work associated with data entry, order management, and demand fulfillment. To learn more about NetSuite and how it could help with your manufacturing requirements please contact us today.