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  1. Promote and Order to Invoice
    NetSuite ecommerce’s provides the power to grow your web business without increasing business complexity. From marketing to initial customer visit to placing an online order, to fulfillment, to invoicing and service, NetSuite streamlines’ your entire business process from intent-to-cash, to customer service.
  2. Entry to Shopping
    Let’s see how Ramsey’s product a manufacture that is expanding their business by selling directly to consumers is using NetSuite ecommerce’s to run their business and ecommerce site. In this example a customer receives a marketing email and simply clicks the embedded link to begin shopping for a popular product.
  3. Promote and Merchandising
    The dynamic NetSuite hosted web store features high-end functionality and initiative online shopping experience that makes it easy for customers to search products chat live with customer assistance and do business across multiple languages and currency’s . NetSuite helps merchandisers cavort more visitors to sells with prominent feature product positioning promotional discounts and recommendations. NetSuite unifies solutions put all products information all in one place allowing customer that are interested in a product to quickly drill down multiple images, available colors, relative items, and mush more.     
  4. Backend Setup
    With a powerful data base capabilities built into NetSuits Website contact manager the website is always in sync with the rest of the business integrated publishing tools provide the ability to allow quick changes to the website insuring the visitor see relevant real time contact.     
  5. Shopper Places Order
    Convenient full service shopping cart functionality streamlines customer purchases with an initiative shopping experience automatic tax calculations and integrated FedEx, USPS, and UPS functionality then provides real time shipping rates. Returning shopper enjoy the connivance of secured checkout with one simple step with stored address and payment information which could included payment through a variety of credit cards as well as support for PayPal and Google check out. To fast track the order to cash process and prove customer satisfaction the system automatically flows the new orders to accounts receivables and warehouse departments and initially reflects changes and inventory levels on the website.
  6. Order Management / Fulfillment
    NetSuite enables managers to process orders all at once or drills in a particular order for approvable based on establish business rules.  
  7. Warehouse Manger
    Manual reentering and order process errors disappear with NetSuite complete integration of order and fulfillment management including full pick, pack, and shipped capabilities of the warehouse level.  For reduce inventory cost and better customer service NetSuite continually against available inventory and when supply runs out the item automatically out of stock on your website. When an order has been fulfill NetSuite makes it easily to instantly print out a shipping label and provide the customer with tracking information.
  8. Self-service and Customer Service
    NetSuite provides complete self service access to order and deliver status as well as payment and demographic information. Customers even had the ability to create their own return request and the system will manage the return process and refund automatically. 
  9. Dashboard and Business Visibility
    NetSuite roll base dash boards deliver unparallel transparency for everyone in the organization allowing the executive team to monitor ecommerce performance alongside brighter finical and business metrics. Built in sight analytical and reporting features give the ecommerce manager clear insight into online marketing efforts and enable one to one an avarice analysis visitors browsing shopping habits. Strong marketing tools within NetSuite ecommerce plat form allow marketers to run a variety of marketing campaigns. Including email campaigns, paid search campaigns, affiliated marketing campaigns, and more. They could track their succeeds rates, cost, and return on investment additionally powerful search engines atomization capabilities help insure websites rank high on natural search rankings.    
  10. Summary of Benefits 
    NetSuite ecommerce enables you to reach more customers, sell more products, efficiently and accurately fulfill orders, and drive customer satisfaction across multiple websites, channels, and international regions. To learn more about NetSuite ecommerce please contact us today.