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  1. Lead Cash
    NetSuite is the world’s number 1 cloud business management suite powering marketing automation powering, sales force automation, order management, finical management, and renewals.  NetSuite streamlines the complete lead to cash process, providing a seamless flow from the lead to the opportunity to the sales order in the front office, through to revenue recognition, invoicing and payment in the back office. Let’s start by looking at how NetSuite automates the leads to odder process with NetSuite CRM.
  2. CRM Visibility
     To illustrate the power of NetSuite let’s look at Dilley IT solutions a subseries of nelsons holdings  that is a hardware, software, and services company that runs NetSuite. They use NetSuite roll base customizable real time dash board to give employees across the business a comprehensive view of business performance from marketing, to sales, to support. NetSuite CRM analytics provide summery and detail insight into very thousands of ever leads opportunities, orders, and service.  
  3. Lead Management Marketing Campaign
    Leveraging NetSuite integrative marketing for campaign management, email marketing, online forms, lead neutering. Dilley IT solutions maximize campaigns effeteness and lead conversion. When a lead is capture through an online form it could limitedly be rounded to sales or entering a nurturing process hovered by suite flow a complete work flow management tool. In this case the online lead is picked up by the sales rep immediately; to help make the most of every lead NetSuite gives sales reps and managers a compressive dynamic access to all of their active leads from a single dash board. It is easy to track multiple leads and track valuable insight into each contact conversation and unique opportunity.
  4. Opportunity Management
     NetSuite provide the ability to manage an opportunity over its complete cycle and because NetSuite CRM is tightly wooing with the financials.  A sales person can quickly add new items and immediately see their price and availability.
  5. Forecast  
    With build in sales force casting NetSuite enables sales people to easily set the projected total forecasting and current probability of closing. They can find tune their forecast with ability to update and opportunities it probabilities and statist based on up to the minuet activities and developments as the deal progresses.  NetSuite rolls up actual quota and forecast data to provide executive visibility into sales performance.
  6. Quote Management
    Sales personal can relay can on NetSuite intergraded approach to keep them on top of availability  and real time and to help monetizes existing customers  with powerful up sales and  cross sales management features such as such as adding maintenance packages to the quote.  NetSuite even provides  incentive composition management to drive sales behavior and automatically calculates commissions. When prospect request pricing information NetSuite enables a quick confidant response based on the latest product price billable rate information directly from the ERP data. Quotes automatically tight back to the original opportunity.  NetSuite makes it essay to create a professional accurate quote quickly to print or email to a prospect.
  7. Order Management
    Generated a sales order from a quote is just as effortless   just a single click rather sit for approvable and for subs equal fulfillment, invoice mint, and revenue recognition, accelerating the interred order to cash process.
  8. Customer Dashboad
    NetSuite ERP and CRM work together seamlessness to provide a flexible and fully searchable 360 degree view of the customer complete with dash boards that gather all the metrics relevant to a specific customer across finance, sales, and service eliminating the need to hunt for customer information.    Let’s next see how orders   seamlessly flow into NetSuite ERP for approvable, fulfillment, invoicing and more.
  9. NetSuite ERP
    NetSuite ERP is the world’s most deployed cloud financial system; it powers the order to cash process from initial order, fulfillment, revenue recognition and invoicing, real-time reporting together with Multi-currency and multi-tax management. NetSuite ERP is coupled with NetSuite CRM or integrates with third parties CRM tools. Let’s look how NetSuite ERP automates the back office Dilley IT solutions.
  10. Sales Order Approval
     After the sales order is summated by sales it flows through real time to the finance team for review and approval. From a personalize dashboard the controller at Dilley IT solutions can instantly see key finical metrics as well as access pending sales order or waiting reviews all  the information enter by sales seamlessly flows through the back office. NetSuite makes it easy for finance to update sales order such as setting up the billing and revenue reconditions schedules before final order approval. Once the changes have been made approving the sales order instantly raises for fulfillment and invoicing. 
  11. Fulfillment
    NetSuite unparallel and transparency and real time visibility for everyone in the organization insures that as soon as an order is approve it appears as an item  for fulfillment on the warehouse  managers dashboard where NetSuite integrating with UPS , FedEx and USPS to cope automate the shipping process .
  12. Invoicing
    Next the orders and all its details automatically flow through for speedy and accurate invoicing that improves cash flow by getting bills into customer hands sooner. NetSuite can even manage recurrent billing and renewal base process.  
  13. Revenue Recognition Management 
    In addition flexible revenue recognition schedules based on contracts, percent complete, milestones or any other type of schedules including support for the latest revenue recognitions standers can easily be managed.
  14. Collections Management    
    NetSuite boots the finance department collection capability with both real times ageing reports and automating invoicing. If a customer is passed do NetSuite suite flow and work flow management can help automate and manage each organizations unique collection process.
  15. Payments
     It is essay to accept the payment weather by cash, check, ACH, or process credit card payments. PCI compliance provide pace of mind for secure payment management. Throughout the hold process NetSuite provides a complete auto trail to insure the proper checks and balances for subs.
  16. Reporting
    NetSuite also delivers built in real-time internal and external financial reporting together with add whole analysis that gives stakeholders clear visibilities into finical issues and helps them quickly take action the dry business performance from summery to the actual transitional details.  
  17. Summary of Benefits
    Because NetSuite unifies everything into one integrated, Modular System. It empowers your sales and finance teams by eliminating errors, driving customer management, accelerating cash flow over the complete order to cash process. To learn more about NetSuite please contact us today.