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  1. Bid to Bill
    NetSuite open air professional’s services automation or PSA is the gold standard for powering today’s services organizations. With over 600 services organizations globally using it to run their services businesses it delivers project management, resource management, project accounting and timesheet and expense management in the cloud. And with NetSuite services resource planning NetSuite open air combine with NetSuite CRM and ERP to enable companies to run their service businesses and to end, from sales and marketing, to projects and invoicing, and renewals. 
  2. Quota to Cash
    Dilley IT Solutions is using NetSuite SRP to completely manage their performance of their successful service businesses sales reps can see their personalize dash board with a view of items most critical to their jobs including new leads, existing accounts, opportunities, and tasks . As they developed a quote  it’s easy to see opportunities from here that were recently scoped by the professional’s service team and even linked to the project and service item created by the scoping. Netsuite automatically updates quotes with the latest built rights making it easy to generate the quote converted to a sales order and subsequently notifies the professional services team.
  3. Project Management
    Once contracts are signed an engagement start ups projects and jobs are broken out into their work brake down structure and look and active purpose project or jobs enables better forecasting and  visibility into resource availability. Predesigned and   custom templates simplify and standardize project creation. NetSuite open air empowers the project team with flexible tool and for  mapping out faces and task staffing each stage with the right resources at the right time and viewing the project at a Gantt style that help identify critical paths and milestones.
  4. Resource Management
    Strong resource management drives project success with its comprehensive resource management system NetSuite open air deliver real time tracking of resource skills and availably in graphical interactive booking charts enabling higher utilizations rates. NetSuite open air makes it easy to assigned the right resources to the project powerful filtering capabilities streamlines locating the right resources the best fit individual project and making substitutions on the finds. Custom search capabilities give managers advance tools to match the right resource to a project and then assigned them to a appropriate based on availability, location, technical skills, experience, language fluency, and more.  Resources can even be booked directly from the search results.
  5. Timesheet Management
    The best timesheet is one employee complete acutely, on time, and minimal effort. NetSuite makes it simple to record and track bid-bill verses none bid-bill hours work see hours by client and access supporting information. NetSuite open air enables employees to enter their time and expansive where ever they are even their via iPhones or other mobile devises. This means they are most likely to complete their timesheets on time plus they could even summit expenses by taking a photo of the respite speeding expenses summations and reducing errors.  
  6. Project Accounting
    To speed up the bed to bill cycle NetSuite billing and revenue recognition rules engine helps insure that all billable and expensive are accurate capture and customer receive a timely invoice each month or as project milestones are completed and NetSuite provides a complete flexibility enabling billing based on time, fixed feed, percent complete, and more.   
  7. Dashboards & Reporting
    With NetSuite real time PSA dash boards professionals service teams can track, report, and analyze overall project performance and real time including historical and book resource utilization values, finical metrics, project profitability, and project status metric.  
  8. ERP
    When it is time to look at the larger finical picture,  NetSuite helps to further drive profitability with quantifiable real time insights into critical business metrics this allows finance teams to effortlessly move from the broad dashboard summery to gambler invoice to an all compulsive view of an entire client record.   
  9. Summary of Benefits
    By unifying the complete bid-bill cycle on a single real time platform NetSuite service resource planning helps Diilly IT solutions improve the health and increases the resource utilization and profitability of their services organization. To learn more about NetSuite please contact us today.