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Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, Made2Manage is an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates enterprise resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution to enable real-time tracking of all production factors in a single system. By integrating core production and business processes into one database, Made2Manage enables you to plan using real-world constraints and what-if scenarios, schedule with confidence, establish realistic promise dates and gain clear visibility into your entire operation down to the shop floor.

Let's take a closer look at how Made2Manage allows you to automate manufacturing processes, streamline operations, and be more responsive to your customers. Utilizing Made2Manage's robust functionality, manufacturers get a reliable and easy to use platform that provides real-time visibility into back-office functions. Leveraging the system's integrated CRM functionality, you can seamlessly track all activities associated with an opportunity throughout each stage of a sales life cycle.

Included in the range of customer management tools is the Made2Manage contact manager which makes it simple to create new accounts, contacts, or opportunities, leveraging information directly from the ERP system. The system's bilateral connectivity supports a seamless flow of information which allows the field sales team to know immediately when changes are made to order. It also allows the sales team to make updates remotely from virtually anywhere.

As opportunities make their way to a sales pipeline, Made2Manage makes it simple to create even the most complicated multi-item quote in minutes. With a click of a button, you can bring in data from a previous quote, sales order, or job orders, ensuring accuracy and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Creating a quote from scratch is just as easy. The solution's one-click lookup function allows you to quickly locate customers and automatically populate the quote with information from the CRM system. Made2Manage also gives you the flexibility to create quotes for non-standard items allowing you to quote unique or custom-made parts on the fly. When quoting standard items, the system automatically includes a detailed bill of material, as well as a detailed routing, providing clear visibility into the cost structure and labor profile of an item.

As quotes become orders, Made2Manage saves time and reduces the potential for errors with the ability to import data directly from a quote. You can then customize the order by simply just selecting the items. In a dynamic manufacturing environment, poor communication equals higher costs. Made2Manage puts the critical information you need within easy reach. When a customer calls with an inquiry, Made2Manage allows you to quickly locate their account and drill down into any aspect of any quote, order, or invoice all from one screen.

With core production management functionally built-in, Made2Manage allows you to create job orders directly from a sales order with a click of a button. To ensure smooth and efficient routing on the shop floor, the system's production floor planner offers a paper document complete with bar-coding that makes it simple to scan jobs and move through each stage of production. Because the shop floor is where the real work gets done, Made2Manage goes beyond generic ERP solutions to deliver an integrated touch-screen-compatible shop floor manager, making it easy for operators to report labor and job statuses as well as accurately report material uses and inventory movement.

Made2Manage puts your supervisors back in charge with a real-time view of what is happing complete with color-coded alerts for items requiring action such as materials shortages. While most ERP systems afford basic planning and scheduling, Made2Manage takes your business to the next level by providing a global planning engine that allows you to create material plans for thousands of purchase and job orders in just seconds.

Made2Manage also enables you to run a complete shop floor schedule analysis. By checking material availability and shop capacity or running multiple what-if scenarios, a user can provide accurate promise dates every time. Delivering the business intelligence required for better decision making, this comprehensive solution provides a complete litany of highly visual interactive dashboards for managing the sales pipeline, to analyzing vendor performance, to monitoring scraps and reject rate or other production metrics. Every dashboard provides drill-down capabilities to allow you to take a closer look at the data that is driving the statistics.