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One of the trends we're seeing in the marketplace today is that small companies need to act big. So organizations that are coming up with new ideas, they want to launch them into the marketplace need to take them into a global market very quickly otherwise they're going to be copied and they're going to be put out of business. So, they need to expand globally very very fast and cloud and NetSuite allows them to do that really rapidly.

They might just be operating one country, but they can appear as if they're a global organization. On the opposite side, large organizations need to act small they need to be more agile. They need to move fast, they need to respond to these new competitors that are coming into the market from all sorts of other areas. And again, cloud allows them to be more agile, to launch new products, to change their business model, to change the way they price change where they're delivering the product, so the combination of cloud and NetSuite is really able to respond to these trends in the marketplace.