NetSuite Role Based Demo - Marketing Manager

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NetSuite is the #1 Online CRM and ERP solution for thousands of mid-size companies, like yours.

As a Marketing Manager, you need to maximize campaign effectiveness and lead generation more today than ever before.

With NetSuite, you can create campaigns faster, drive more qualified leads and better report on effectiveness.

As Marketing Manager for Wolfe Electronics, Carmen easily creates, previews and delivers marketing campaigns using NetSuite. She then monitors campaign results and reacts accordingly because she can see campaign effectiveness.

Cost per lead, cost per conversion and complete ROI is available like never before.

From advertising to seminars to outdoor billboards, Carmen can report her marketing campaign statistics to executives real-time with her NetSuite dashboard. She can even report campaign ROI proving effectiveness of marketing spend.

It is also the unprecedented access to customer information that allows Carmen to tailor Wolfe Electronics’ marketing messages more precisely.

Knowing your customers based on their complete records including purchase history, buying patterns or service incidents allows Carmen to create marketing campaigns for upselling and cross-selling instantly.

Find out more about creating real marketing ROI with NetSuite.