NetSuite Role Based Demo - Sales Person

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NetSuite is the #1 Online CRM and ERP solution for thousands of mid-size companies, like yours.

As a Sales Person, NetSuite gives you a complete view of the customer and the tools you need to sell and close deals faster.

When the sales representative, Krista Barton, logs into her real-time dashboard, her new leads-to-be contacted are highlighted for her helping her to be more productive.

Krista calls the customer, gets to know their needs, and helps them with pricing questions.

After Krista speak with the customer, she creates a new opportunity in NetSuite. Selecting the products discussed at the call and identifying the next steps as Send Quote.

Competitive CRM products manage to this point and stop but NetSuite continues. Unlike any other CRM applications, Krista can actually make the sale by proceeding to send out a quote directly from the system.

Once the customer has reviewed the quote and decided to make the purchase, Krista —
with visibility to inventory — is able to immediately process the quote into a sales order with one click.

After entering the sale, Krista can immediately go into her dashboard to see her real-time commission earnings, incenting her on every deal she closes.

Find out more about how NetSuite makes you more efficient and effective at selling and closing deals.