DKM's CEO Jeff Dixon Demonstrates NetSuite on a Mac

Watch the Screencast with DKM's CEO Jeff Dixon Demonstrating ERP for MACs

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Hi my name is Jeff Dixon. I'm a partner with DKM and we're an authorized NetSuite reseller here in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to show how easy it is to use NetSuite cloud ERP solution in a Macintosh environment. Many people and their companies have a mixed environment of Macs and IBM computers. Today, we're going to show you how exciting it is to use an online or cloud ERP system in that environment. Let's get started.

Okay, well let's launch right into it. You're seeing the main screen for NetSuite. NetSuite as you can see is a dashboard driven system. We're signed in right now, if you look at my pointer, as the the CEO of this company. In this case the company is called Nelson Holdings. As the CEO, I can quickly look at some of the things that are very important to me, very visually taking full advantage of the Macintosh's graphics. So he or she may want to look at his income versus his threshold. So right now he's a little behind on income. The threshold or target is a million and right now he's at a hundred and ten thousand We can also see profitability summary, so I can quickly see as a CEO where my profit of my global enterprise is coming from.

As you can see there are different types of graphics you can take advantage of. Whether it's a dashboard or a meter maybe just a bar chart, in this case we have weekly new business. We can quickly go to a different time period. As you can see here the refresh rate is fairly quick to go from weekly to monthly and so on. I can also look at my other indicators and in some cases I don't need a graph. I can really quickly go into some numerical data. I might want to see quota wise how I'm doing this month versus last and the percentage change. I have a full complement of what the industry would call traditional menus, so if I wanted to go the sales and marketing areas in NetSuite, I can go in a more traditional menu driven way. I can see accounts receivables, and it gives me some very specific functional areas that I can go to. I can also go very quickly to my financial area and see some of the reports that might be interesting to me as the CEO. And I have a little what we would call a subscreen which is going to show me, hey as a CEO I also want to have a little dashboard in my financial areas. I can see my profit by period and my bank balance by period, again in a very dashboard driven manner. Now what I'm quickly going to do is I'm going to go to a different role. And when you go to a different role, it's going to take advantage of the sign in security. So if I'm going into a controller or a CFO role, I'm going to have less permissions than the CEO does. More importantly, it's going to give me different views of what I need to do as an employee, different views of what I need to do that day. So NetSuite's big advantage is really the fact that it's a push system. So instead of going through a traditional menu and saying, 'gee I need to go to invoice section. I'm just going to have it as a reminder. I can see my section as a Controller and see what things I need to do that day. But I also take full advantage of the Macintosh. I might have a bar graph, purchase price variances which is a very big deal with wholesale distributors and manufacturing. I may also have my AR summary today by my different divisions and my income by period that might be interesting to me as a Controller. What's also nice about the NetSuite system is that I can also just do some generic things. So often times people think of a CRM system as assigning things to myself as a tickler, to say hey I need to follow up with a customer or key contact because he said hey I wanted to sign a contract today. The nice thing about NetSuite is that you can assign tasks throughout the system. So I am the Controller, I might actually want to assign a task to somebody else. So in this case I might say 'followup with Bill and a customer' and I'm going to not just assign that to me, but I am actually going to assign that to somebody else. So it might bring up all the people I might assign that message to. So in this case I'm going to assign it to a young lady who is going to follow up with this person. And the nice thing you have here is I can set a due date for this reminder. So it may be ASAP or I might know that she's out of the office, so I may have it due tomorrow. And I can quickly put a priority which is nice and I can put a status of 'in progress' and do a quick note. 'Still having problems with website'. And I can save this and this task is going to be viewable not only to myself who assigned the task but also to the young lady who's going to be following up on that task. So so far we've seen two roles, the CEO role and we've seen the Controller role. The last role that we're going to show you today is of a sales manager, US West in this case. As you can see here I've got my dashboard on the left that's showing how I'm doing quota wise against my threshold. Well it's early in the year and my quotas pretty high and I haven't achieved anything. But not to worry, I know I have a few deals coming down the pipeline. I can also see some things, kind of key things for me. I've got one indicator that everyone might not have called overdue cold call leads. And I can quickly go into those and see what those are if I'd like to do that and then I can also see the drill down of my forecast and how we're doing. I also would like to see a pipeline by status summary. So purchasing, in negotiation, proposal, identified decision maker, in discussions and so on. So not only can I can I have a nice pipeline of all my deals out there, but I can also see it by status which is a standard function in NetSuite. I also can go in kind of traditionally to go in, let's say that I'm not a big dashboard guy, I am more of a menu driven guy or person. I can go into sales logics in different ways. I can hover over these menu options and quickly see the functional area in NetSuite and how I might explore that. So whether it's a lead in this case, whether it's an opportunity, which is a deal or something that I'm going to sell a customer or other things. So right now, I'm pleased because I've received number of leads from marketing so here's are the leads that I have that I can follow up with. So I see that I have ten here today so I can quickly drill in and look at these and follow up and hopefully turn them into customers. That gives you a good sense of how the NetSuite system works in a Macintosh environment. I appreciate your time today. Thank you very much.