Upgrade From Sage vs NetSuite Screencast

Presenter: DKM consultant Jason Liyanage ERP Software - See more at: Upgrade From Sage

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Jason: Hi, today we are showing the differences between Sage ACT, Sage Mas 90 and Net Suite. Right now you're looking at a screen with ACT contact manager. As you can see it basically gives information about the company and the contacts, but no activity as regards to sales or any information. The notes tab basically tells you notes, the history tells you there was a quote was sent, but if you want to look at it you can double-click to see the quote. It really doesn't show the actual activity on the accounting inside. This is one of the main reasons we consider NetSuite to have a complete overall picture than just the company and contacts. Of course as far as the company and contacts are concerned it's comprehensive and has all the relevant information pertaining to a contact and a company, but you won't be able to see anything with regard to sales activity. So if I go to the dashboard you will notice the difference between this dashboard and the NetSuite dashboard which we will be showing later. This basically tells us what the schedule is with this particular customer and it does show the opportunities, but doesn't show any sales.

So now we are looking at Sage Mas 90 accounting modules. As you can see Mas 90 has the general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and other modules associated with the accounting part of it, but you will not see the contacts or the companies on this version of the module because that, comes in ACT. Mas 90 allows you to manage your payables and receivables and orders, but as you can see here if you want to look up accounts payable and look at an invoice, you have to go into main, then go to invoice history inquiry and then put in the invoice number. If you don't know the invoice number, you can look it up based on the customer and now you've got to go to the lines and look at the information. As you can see you have to go through three of your windows in order to be able to see activity based on an invoice. And if you want to look at the general ledger activity, you have to go into the general ledger, and then into main again and look at the transaction journal and then from there you can look at the transactions. When we look at NetSuite one of the things you will see is from a particular screen you can drill down to almost everything, and that is one of the advantages of NetSuite. Of course this has all kinds of reports that you can run that will give you the information on accounts payable or gl or accounts receivable which is a good thing in Mas 90. But the most important thing is the disconnect between the accounting part of it and the contact manager part.

We are now ready to look at the NetSuite, the go-to MAC finance software for many of our clients. As you can see, I'm in the dashboard screen. One of the first things you will notice is that I have my sales, my reminders, my shortcuts, my preferred projects tasks and my weekend sales track. Now this can be customized to any row that you want. So if this is the Controller, we can have the financial information, if this is the Sales Manager we can have his relevant information here. Unlike the Sage product, if I want to look up an invoice and I know the invoice number, I go to the search and start typing the number, you will notice immediately the orders come in that are relevant to that number. In this case I'm going to go a little bit more and now I've found the bill that I was looking at and I can click on the bill and it will bring up the bill and all the information is right here in front of me. Everything that I need.

And if I want to look at who the bill was for, AVI Consulting, I right click and open a new tab and I can look at this screen and the other screen simultaneously by switching back and forth. And this is the area that NetSuite is advantageous when it comes to ease of use. So now I have my bill here and my window here and I can go back and forth between both screens. I can look at what we want, if we go back to my dashboard, I go back to my home dashboard nd now I'm able to carry out any task I want straight from the screen, like I showed you in the global search. And that in itself should show you that NetSuite is a more powerful system.