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Every experience an life is built on a serious of journeys and when it comes to your customer's experience, marketers know there shouldn't be a difference between marketing, service, sales, or any part of the business. Your opportunity as a marketer is to connect everyone across the company with your customer in a trusted, unified way to build any highly personalized journey. Not only traditional marketing journeys for shoppers that welcome customers and engage them at just the right time and keep them engaged but even service journeys that help agents stay ahead of customer satisfaction with support tasks and automated customer surveys.

It's about engaging at every step of the customer success journey for any customer. Home buyer journeys that take the stress out of loan application approvals, credit checks, and payment reminders. Then, turn their dreams into reality. Student journeys that make campus make orientation, class registration alerts, and scheduling easy. Citizen journeys that simplify processing like new drivers licenses, voter registration, changes of address. Passenger journeys to speed up travel from flight status alerts to upgrade offers. Even patient journeys to keep everyone healthy, happy and always connected. Now any journey is possible with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.