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What if your customer service were a step ahead of your customers? Service Cloud lets you deliver for a new era of service in a hyper connected world. Now companies of any size or industry can provide smart one to one support to customer through any channel or product with service for apps.

One to one video chat lets agents see exactly what the customer sees instantly guiding them to solutions. And agent productive is now supercharged with a new lighting console intelligently routing cases to the right agents with omni-channel, allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience across every channel while employees across the company from departmental experts to product managers can swarm on the case to help find the right solution. Your team can now assist customers with articles, similar cases, and macros to help agents solve issues faster and them publish those solutions to a knowledge base for everyone to access. Customers can even find answers from articles or connect with peers and support agents through branded self service communities. Managers can keep customers even happier turning insights into actions with service wave analytics. Sales, HR, marketing, all your departments, and all your existing enterprise solutions seamlessly integrated through the Salesforce customer success platform letting you provide exceptional customer service experiences to every customer, everywhere. Deliver smarter, faster, one to one support to your customers with Service Cloud.